Information required when making an application

The nature of information required in making an application for the R&D tax incentive has been kept to a minimum. The information required is in two parts, firstly, is the specific administrative information that assists in identifying the company, contact details, and the agent involved in making the application, etc. Secondly, is the information on the R&D activities that assists in determining eligibility of the intended activities.

With respect to R&D activities, the following is required:

  • To qualify for the tax incentive, the R&D activities must meet the definition of R&D in section 11D(1) of the ITA, which states that: "For the purpose of section 11D, “research and development” means systematic, investigative or systematic experimental activities of which the result is uncertain.”
  • Indicate under which subsection(s) an application is made. Whether it is for the:
    • Discovery of non-obvious scientific and technological knowledge;
    • Creating or developing an invention, functional design, computer program, multisource pharmaceutical product(s); or knowledge essential to their usage;
    • Making significant improvement to any of the abovementioned aspects; or
    • Conducting a clinical trial.
  • Give a description of the systematic investigative or systematic experimental (SIE) activities being undertaken (in order to achieve what is indicated above). To be considered R&D, outcomes of such activities must be uncertain, i.e. non-obvious.
  • To describe how the intended activities will advance the existing base of scientific and technological knowledge in the relevant field.
  • With respect to the ‘significant and innovative improvement’, the application must further describe the innovative aspects involved compared to the existing base in order to explain the scientific or technological advancements.