The Astronomy Management Authority manages and protects the declared Astronomy Advantage Areas (AAAs) in terms of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act No.21 of 2007.

The Karoo Core AAAs will contain the MeerKAT radio telescope and the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope.

The Sutherland Core AAAs will contain the Southern African Large Telescope.

A core AAAs is the relatively small area at the core of or in the immediate vicinity of an astronomy facility, requiring the highest levels of protection.

A central AAAs is a larger area surrounding a core AAAs, established mainly to regulate activities that might impact harmfully on astronomy within the core AAAs.

A coordinated AAAs is a much larger area surrounding the central AAAs. The purpose of declaring a coordinated area is to ensure that identified activities in the area will not have a detrimental effect on astronomy and related scientific endeavours in the core or central AAAs.

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