Invasion Biology

DST Centre of Excellence in Invasion Biology

This Centre is concerned with the biology of invasive species. Special attention is paid to the impact that invasive species have on southern Africa's biodiversity, agriculture and ecotourism. The key issues and questions that are being addressed are:

  • Invasions and diversity - What are the determinants of invasion success and how do these vary through space?
  • Invasions and ecosystem function - What are the impacts of invasive alien species and the consequences of remediation attempts?
  • Invasions and ecosystem services - How can human resource requirements and conservation be integrated into a dynamic landscape planning framework that will enable long-term persistence of diversity whilst maintaining ecosystem services on which humans rely?
  • Invasions and policy formulation - Ensuring that scientific information is made available for rational decision-making regarding invasive species, the actions to be taken to address invasions, particularly in a local context and the prioritisation of such actions given a well-developed set of alternative scenarios.

Contact: Prof Steven Chown
Tel: +27 21 808 2385
Hosted by Stellenbosch University.

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