The National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO) was established in terms of Section 8 of the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act 51 of 2008.  NIPMO is established as a Specialised Service Delivery Unit (SSDU) with effect from 13 December 2013. The Head of NIPMO has powers conferred by legislation.  NIPMO relies on the Department of Science and Technology for all support services


NIPMO functions are to:


  • Promote the objects of the IPR-PFRD Act;


  • Ensure its capacity to consider IP referred by a Recipient;


  • Liaise with Recipients to determine the viability of obtaining statutory IP protection,


  • Conclude any IP transactions; and


  • Commercialization of such IP.


Furthermore, NIPMO must:


  •  Manage information in respect of IP under the Act;


  • Provide incentives to Recipients and their IP creators and, generally promote innovation;


  • Provide assistance to institutional OTT’s and related capacity building;


  • Provide appropriate standards and best practices;


  • Develop guidelines for IP transactions involving non South African entities; and


  • Manage their implementation; and monitor, evaluate and review the obligations of Recipients under the Act.


NIPMO Directorates:










Pipeline of publicly financed IP
(since 2 Aug 10):

1057 disclosures

Of which are Active:

932 disclosures


Of which have a granted IP right:

190 disclosures (18%)

Of which have been commercialised:

74 disclosures


Exclusive licenses:


Licenses granted to SMMEs / BBBEE entities:


Revenue received by institutions from commercialised IP:

> R4.4 million

OTT Support Fund funding to date:

R106 million

No. of institutions who have received support:

28 institutions and 2 regional offices

No. of highly specialised technology transfer posts created:

85 posts (+19)

IP Fund funding to date:

R83 million

No. of institutions who have received support:

24 institutions