Department of Science and Innovation sends condolences to Val Boje's family


The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) is saddened by the news of the sudden passing of veteran journalist and former Pretoria News editor Val Boje.


Ms Boje, who served as Chairperson of the National Press Club two years ago, was devoted to journalism and development in South Africa.


The DSI worked with Ms Boje on a number of projects and found her to be passionate about raising awareness of science, technology and innovation projects. The Department was particularly impressed by Ms Boje's high level of professionalism and commitment to science journalism.


Not only did she travel to the Northern Cape to visit the DSI's mega-science project, the MeerKAT radio telescope, precursor of the Square Kilometre Array, but was also a consistent supporter of the Department's flagship Science Forum South Africa initiative. More recently, she also supported the DSI's work in relation to COVID-19 and moderated a national discussion on vaccine hesitancy.


The Department pays tribute to Ms Boje for her contribution to elevating the value of science, technology and innovation in South Africa, and sends its heartfelt condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.


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