Bid number: DSI07/2020-21

Description: DSI07/2020-21 Implementation and Impact Evaluation of the (Department of Science and Innovation‐National Research Foundation) DSI‐NRF Internship Programme

Closing Date:  11 November 2020

Closing Time: 11: 00



Question 1: Are there any strategies and plans underlying the Programme and would these be shared now or after the selection of successful bidder?

Answer: These are available and will be shared with successful Service Provider. These are also accessible on the internet and Service Providers are therefore expected to check these and provide as part of their motivation.

Question 2: Is there an existing Theory of Change for the Programme and the Logical Framework or is the Service Provider expected to construct these from the strategies and plans? Would these be shared now or after selection of successful bidder?

Answer: There is no written down Theory of Change and Logical Framework but it is within the Strategies and Plans. Service Provider is expected to extrapolate it from there and provide it as a written down Theory of Change and Logical Framework for the Programme.

Question 3: Is there contact details or a consolidated database of interns since 2005 and would these be shared?

Answer: There is a consolidated database of all interns with the NRF from 2005 to date and this would be availed to the successful Service Provider.  It should be noted however that emails and phones change over time and therefore a Service Provider should employ other innovative and technological means to reach the beneficiaries.

Question 4: Database that is part of methodology should Service Providers develop or construct from scratch or is the strategy needed to be proposed for tracking former interns?

Answer: Service Providers are being requested to suggest a database or latest technologies for the Programme to use to keep track of its beneficiaries with updated information.

Question 5: Do you require that bidders only describe the tracking tool or would you like to be given an example of the tracking tool?

Answer: While the detailed description of the tracking tool would suffice, an example could provide a more clearer picture.