Technology Localisation Directorate is part of the Chief Directorate: Technology Localisation, Advanced Manufacturing and Beneficiation of Programme 5: Socio-Economic Innovation Partnerships. The Directorate is managing two major intervention programmes in support of industrial development, namely: Technology Localisation Implementation Unit and Technology Stations Programme.

Technology Localisation Programme (TLP)
TLP was conceptualised and established by the DST in order to provide technological assistance to local firms in an effort to increase their competitiveness and to help ensure that greater use is made of local production and services, specifically in the instances where government, or its State Owned Companies (SOCs) are procuring (capital or operational) goods.

The programme is implemented by the Technology Localisation Implementation Unit (TLIU) hosted at the CSIR


•    Increase capability & competitiveness of local firms, to enable participation in acquisition programmes of State Owned Companies (SOCs)
•     Utilise local procurement as a lever to improve local market access, leading to increased export
•    Retain and expand job creation


Technology Stations Programme
The TSP, hosted by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) is a broad based instrument, based on the German Steinbeis model, whereby knowledge at Universities/Universities of Technology are leveraged to provide support to the industry, whilst at the same time the exposure to industry problem solving is fed back into the curriculum, resulting in better educated and more employable students

The TSP is a network of 18 Technology Stations which includes 3 Institutes of Advanced Tooling (IATs) that are hosted by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), in particular the Universities of Technology (UoTs). The TSP is used as an instrument to provide technology support, infrastructure and services to local enterprises with a primary focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the aim of improving their level of competitiveness.

The type of technology support and expertise provided to SMEs includes: -
•    Product design and simulations.
•    Product and process development and improvements.
•    Product analytical enhancement for shelf-life improvements, quality and compliance.
•    Tooling and moulds design and advanced manufacturing techniques.
•    Tailor-made training and technology demonstrations

TIA Technology Station Programme
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CSIR Technology Localisation Implementation Unit

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