The Programme aims to strategically develop, promote and manage international relationships, opportunities and S&T agreements that strengthen the national system of innovation (NSI) and enable an exsite2016 of knowledge, capacity and resources between South Africa and its regional and international partners. The Programme also supports South African foreign policy through science diplomacy.

Strategic objectives

  • To secure science, technology and innovation (STI) funds to stimulate knowledge production, technology transfer, enhanced innovation and STI human capital development in pursuit of STI-based socio-economic development in South Africa.
  • To increase international exposure to regional, continental and global knowledge and STI networks that will result in knowledge production, technology transfer and enhanced innovation in support of the NSI.
  • To contribute towards the shaping of the regional, continental and global STI discourse, decision making and policy formulation using science diplomacy to ensure that the interests of South Africa are represented.
  • To support STI capacity in Africa to create conditions for the development of a knowledge-based economy in Africa.
  • To increase participation by South Africans in international human capital development opportunities to strengthen the South African NSI.


  1.  International Resources works to increase the flow of international resources into the country by creating conditions for access to international STI skills and global projects.
  2. Multilateral Cooperation and Africa advances and facilitates South Africa's participation in strategic African bilateral agreements and multilateral organisations, so as to strengthen the NSI and to achieve shared economic and social development in the region and on the continent.
  3. Overseas Bilateral Cooperation promotes and facilitates collaborative activities and leverages resources in support of the NSI from countries outside Africa, with a specific focus on developing a knowledge-driven economy.


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