Mzanzi for Science is a movement created to raise appreciation for science, technology and innovation (STI) in South Africa and to increase the levels of engagement with STI and related fields. It is a movement that aims to encourage South Africans to "Discover Gold in Grey Matter" by studying, supporting and investing in ST.

About Mzanzi for Science

We are building a movement to achieve the following:

  • Create awareness and appreciation for the role that STI increasingly play in creating a better and more prosperous South Africa.
  • Encourage South Africans to engage with STI and mathematics.
  • Encourage more people to study and take up careers in STI.
  • Encourage more people and corporations to invest in STI.
  • Make all South Africans realise that the "gold" of our tomorrow does not lie underground, but in the grey matter of our current and future technologists, engineers, researchers, and natural and social scientists.
  • Discover Gold in Grey Matter.

Mzansi for Scienceis on the move!

Why are science and technology so important?

Science and technology enable the realisation of ideas – ideas that create cures, capital, commercial products, competitive advantages and a better understanding of humanity and the universe we live in.

The principles of science and technology are all around us. We can find them in every electrical and household item we use: in our medicine cabinets; and even in our food.

Science helps us answer questions, solve problems and understand some of the great mysteries of life.

Science creates a better tomorrow. In fact, STI is the gold of our tomorrow.

Be a part of the Mzansi for Science movement and help create an enriched future for us all.

Study it!

Invest in it!

Support it!

Join us.

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