National Science Week (NSW), an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), is a countrywide celebration of science involving various stakeholders and/or role players conducting science-based activities during the week.

The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement(SAASTA) has been appointed by the DST as the implementing agency, and therefore takes on the role of National Project Manager of the NSW.

The NSW is conducted in all nine provinces simultaneously at multiple sites per province. To enable people to select activities they would like to attend – based one their fields of interest – the programmes of activities in the various provinces.

Each year a different theme is chosen and activities aimed at the target audiences are based around the theme. The theme for 2016 is "Science for Sustainable Development and Improved Quality of Life".

Please note that due to the local government elections in the first week of August, the NSW will take place from 8 to 13 August.

The launch of the NSW will take place on Saturday, 6 August 2016, at the University of the Western Cape.