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Minister Pandor's reaction to the discovery of new fossils in SA
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    Latest News

    Title Published Date
    Young SA scientist recognised at the 19th L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science Awards 22 March 2017
    Public lecture invitation discover the black aurora 15 March 2017
    ‘Mathematics not the bogeyman’ Minister Pandor tells learners at the opening of Scifest 2017 11 March 2017
    Inspiring the scientists of tomorrow 11 March 2017
    Africa's largest science festival under way in Grahamstown 11 March 2017
    The DST welcomes additional investment in SA's astronomy facilities 06 March 2017
    DST responds to GroundUp article about delay in construction of Cofimvaba Science Centre 03 March 2017
    Russian satellite laser and radio ranging system officially been inaugurated in South Africa 03 March 2017
    Costly life-saving drugs and vaccines still out of reach for far too many in the developing world 03 March 2017
    Invitation to a Public Lecture by Mr Jim Adams (USA) 03 March 2017
    SAAO helps to reveal seven new Earth-sized planets 24 February 2017
    Purifying seawater could answer SA’s water challenges 24 February 2017
    South Africa to host a new Russian satellite tracking system 24 February 2017
    Strategic partnerships instrumental in tackling poverty, unemployment and inequality 22 February 2017
    SKA and Agri SA partners for the benefit of local communities 22 February 2017
    SAAO to observe beta Pictoris 22 February 2017
    'All countries can do well in Science, Technology and Innovation’, says Minister Pandor during AAAS Award 19 February 2017
    Invitation to participate at the Earth Observations Indaba 17 February 2017
    Science labs inspire young people in Sutherland to pursue careers in science 17 February 2017
    DST-SARIMA Excellence Awards 16 February 2017
    Local industry to benefit more from SKA construction 10 February 2017
    Science Communication Training & Competition 07 February 2017
    Call for nominations: UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularisation of Science 07 February 2017
    Minister Pandor Wins 2016 AAAS Science Diplomacy Award 03 February 2017
    Young students using science to solve real problems in South Africa 03 February 2017
    CSIR gets new CEO 02 February 2017
    Call for Nominations for the FameLab Regional Gauteng Heats 31 January 2017
    Space Agency gets a new leader at its helm 30 January 2017
    South African scientist part of duo who won Vetslesen Prize for El Niño Forecasts 27 January 2017
    SAAO’s New 1 Metre Telescope Needs A Name 27 January 2017
    Opening up Africa’s road industries to new innovative products 25 January 2017
    South Africa’s young people need to excel in Maths and Science 23 January 2017
    Minister Pandor address to staff as 2017 begins 20 January 2017
    Comment on indigenous knowledge systems Bill 28 November 2016
    Local school welcomes learning material donated by DST 24 November 2016
    First locally manufactured computer for the Blind 24 November 2016
    CHPC receives honours in 2016 Supercomputing conference 17 November 2016
    Minister Pandor promotes South Africa's indigenous knowledge systems in Jamaica 17 November 2016
    Science Forum South Africa 2016 to tackle diverse range of topics including Climate Induced Migration 16 November 2016
    DST DG honored for work in Earth Observation and Geospatial Information in Africa 16 November 2016
    UKZN hosts top Global Change Conference 16 November 2016
    Call for candidates to participate in 6th Lindau Meeting – Economic sciences 14 November 2016
    South Africa gateway to Antarctica 09 November 2016
    Language should not be barrier to innovation, experts say 07 November 2016
    Regional integration boosts innovation in Africa 04 November 2016
    Aquaculture holds new business opportunities in South Africa 02 November 2016
    Africa's cities urged to bring technology to the masses 02 November 2016
    Half of South Africans familiar with biotechnology 01 November 2016
    Bilateral Partnerships advance the Blue Economy 31 October 2016
    TT100 advances technological excellence 28 October 2016
    Collaboration leads to a mosaic of space success in South Africa 15 October 2016
    Public Hearings on Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Area kicks off in Pretoria 15 October 2016
    Enterprise development in science and technology crucial in enhancing innovation 13 October 2016
    Minister Pandor visits International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi 12 October 2016
    Minister Pandor visits NAM science centre in India 10 October 2016
    BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Partnership – Building Responsive, Inclusive, Collective Solutions 10 October 2016
    DST-NRF Internship Programme 2017/18 10 October 2016
    Research infrastructure critical in addressing global challenges like climate change and energy 07 October 2016
    Connecting continents through molecular biology 07 October 2016
    Invitation to the Launch of a Report on South Africa's Technical Readiness to Support the Shale Gas Industry 07 October 2016
    South Africa - China Hi-Tech Exhibition 07 October 2016
    Roadmap to enhance South Africaʹs quality of research 04 October 2016
    EU and South Africa join forces to better understand the oceans 04 October 2016
    Governments praised for investing in research infrastructure 03 October 2016
    Minister Pandor opens international conference on research infrastructure 03 October 2016
    The 2016 L’oréal-Unesco for women in science sub-saharan Africa regional fellowships: Honouring women in science 30 September 2016
    Increasing engineering capacity in Africa 28 September 2016
    TIA call for Nomination 12 September 2016
    Space Talk at SANSA - Studying Space In Our Cosmic Backyard 09 September 2016
    SADC Gender and Development Monitor 2016 08 September 2016
    eThekwini honours Minister Pandor as a ʺLiving Legendʺ 06 September 2016
    Call for applications – African Union Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Awards 29 August 2016
    Call for Nominations -67th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting on Chemistry 23 August 2016
    DST-NRF Centres of Excellence Annual Directors’ Forum 2016 19 August 2016
    Notice of public hearings on the proposed published Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage areas regulations in terms of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act, 2007. 19 August 2016
    Women in Science Awards 2016 11 August 2016
    Mzansi for Science is on the move! 02 August 2016
    HySA Programme Office Manager 02 August 2016
    National Science Week 2016 29 July 2016
    Local knowledge must be harvested for development,science experts say 26 July 2016
    Call for nominations: 2017 Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine 26 July 2016
    Science and technology can enhance local service delivery, says Pandor 21 July 2016
    'Dream big' Minister Pandor tells Pretoria learners 19 July 2016
    Campaign to empower young women - competition 30 June 2016
    DST partners with Media24 to showcase space science, technology 03 June 2016
    Call for applications - high-level systems analysis programme 03 June 2016
    TWAS prizes - extension of deadline for nominations 31 May 2016
    Reference to SKA project in Western Cape Big Data Centre initiative is misleading 25 May 2016
    Pulses key in combating hunger and food insecurity 25 May 2016
    International exposure important to South Africa's PhD target 25 May 2016
    DST Celebrates Africa Day 24 May 2016
    NACI-DST Business Symposium on STI Investment 24 May 2016
    Survey results indicate that South Africa needs more investment in research 24 May 2016
    As astronomers gather to discuss scientific potential of MeerKAT, the telescope being built in the Karoo produces its first stunning image 24 May 2016
    Public consultation on the proposed Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Areas Regulations 23 May 2016
    Minister Pandor to address the opening of the 22nd Session of the Board of Governors of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 23 May 2016
    Youngsters urged to invent more and take ideas to market 23 May 2016
    ASSAf Members feature in NSTF Awards Finalists 23 May 2016
    Training programme to close skills gap in minerals processing in NAM countries 23 May 2016
    Workshops underway to inform communities of land acquisition for SKA construction 17 May 2016